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We are a community of Christ-followers, who desire to live so distinctively that we attract others to join us in our pursuit of Jesus.
We are on a journey together learning, maturing, impacting others and spreading God's influence in this world.

We relate primarily to Advance, which is part of the Newfrontiers family of evangelical charismatic churches.
We are members of the Evangelical Alliance and The Baptist Union.
Thursday 20 September
10:30amThirsty People: NOT MEETING:... @ NOT MEETING
Thursday 20 September
12:00pmLife Group: Daytime: NOT... @ Kidwells (Lounge)
Thursday 20 September
2:30pmTea Party (Autumn 2018) @ Jubilee Community Church (Maidenhead)
Thursday 20 September
7:00pmK'nect: NOT MEETING @ Jubilee Community Church (Maidenhead)
Thursday 20 September
7:00pmDeeper: Storylines @ Kidwells (Extension & Outback)
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Sno-tubing in January