Get Equipped

We can take personal responsibility for much of our own spiritual growth by reading the Bible, praying, worshipping and spending time with other Christians. Sometimes it is helpful to receive help from other Christians to help us grow.

Our main pastoring takes place in our Life Groups. Much of our spiritual growth takes place more informally through spending time together rather than just through courses.

We also have professional counsellors we connect you with to help with more deep-seated issues.

This area includes details of our courses which are also published in the calendar.

Monday 2 December
8:00pmJubilee Book Club: None like... @ Jubilee Community Church (Maidenhead)
Wednesday 22 January
7:45pmAlpha Course: Session 1... @ Saints Cafe, St Mark's Road
Wednesday 29 January
7:45pmAlpha Course: Session 2 @ Saints Cafe, St Mark's Road
Wednesday 5 February
7:45pmAlpha Course: Session 3 @ Saints Cafe, St Mark's Road
Wednesday 12 February
7:45pmAlpha Course: Session 4 @ Saints Cafe, St Mark's Road


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