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Age range: 5-8
When: 10:00am during every Sunday morning meeting.
About Shine:
Our Shine children have a great time every Sunday in the Extension, learning from God’s Word, finding out how it relates to them and having a lot of fun! We have some fantastic leaders who work hard to make sessions relevant and enjoyable to this age, and no two sessions are the same. We encourage children to bring their bible every week, in exchange for a sticker. We want them to learn even at this young age how important it is to read God’s Word - and to be able to use their own Bible in Shine and then follow it up at home with the rest of their family. 
It is a great group to lead, as the children have so much energy and enthusiasm, and seeing some of the things they are capable of, as well as some of the thoughts and questions they have about God even at such a young age, is both an encouragement and a challenge to us as leaders. Shine are really good at bringing friends and visitors along with them to share in what we are doing - anyone is welcome to come and join in the learning and fun!

For more details: see Cat Dale

Cat Dale, 05/11/2020
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