Age Range:
 School Years 7-9

When:  10:30am during our Christmas/New Year Sunday morning meeting. (15th December - 5th January 2020)

About Emerge:
Emerge is our Sunday morning discipleship group for youth in School Years 7-9.
It happens in the Outback after the children and young people go out of the service.
We have fun, open the Bible, ask real questions, get honest answers and develop friendships. 
Emerge is a lot of fun, and we want you to come along and enjoy the time we have together as we learn more about Jesus!

Emerge also do a fantastic job serving across the church on Sunday mornings. Whether it is in the children’s team, or part of the tech crew or elsewhere, we love to see our youth using the gifts that God has given them.

For more details: see Ben Dale
Ben Dale, 09/12/2019
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